How to Set up a Sony Home Theater System

By Techwalla Electronics Editor

Whether you have the high-end Platinum Dream or the entry-level Bravia home theater system, most are 5.1, which means that they have 4 main speakers, a center speaker and a sub-woofer. It's a snap to set up a Sony home theater system. Follow these steps to find out how.

Things You'll Need

  • Sony home theater system

Step 1

Find the best spot for the front speakers. Many Sony home theater systems come with adjustable floor-standing front speakers, rather than the traditional speaker cabinets.

Step 2

Set up the rear speakers. These speakers need to be about as far behind the listeners as the front speakers are in front of the listeners for the best surround-sound effect.

Step 3

Find a spot for the center speaker. The center speaker handles most of the movie's dialogue. It needs to be close enough to the TV screen so that the sound it emits seems to come from the television.

Step 4

Place the sub-woofer near the couch or love seat. The sub-woofer is the heart of a home theater system. It makes those deep, movie-theater rumbles and helps create the move-going experience at home.

Step 5

Make the connections. Red goes to red. White goes to white. Yellow goes to yellow. Color coded cables make getting the right connections easy.

Step 6

Turn it on. Your Sony home theater system is ready to entertain you.

Tips & Warnings

  • Make sure that you have the height of the front and rear speakers about the same. This creates a seamless audio field and heightens the immersion in the movie sound.
  • The high-end Platinum Dream features wireless rear speakers, which makes for easier connections in your home theater space. These speakers can also be wired up as normal, if you don't want to deal with wireless technology.
  • Don't place the sub-woofer too close to your television set. The speaker may create magnetic interference with the television.