How to Set Up a Time Capsule on a Mac

By Xugro Xiphius

Apple's Time Capsule is an excellent solution for people who need a comprehensive backup plan and a state-of-the-art wireless router. Time Capsule provides Internet access for everyone in the house and backs up their computers at the same time, providing two services every household needs.

Things You'll Need

  • Time Capsule
  • Mac or PC
  • Ethernet connection to Cable/DSL modem

Time Capsule for Wireless Networking

Step 1

Plug your ethernet cable into the Time Capsule's WAN (Wide Area Network) port, then plug in the Time Capsule. It will begin to flash amber lights.

Step 2

Open the Airport Utility application (Mac and Windows) if it does not open automatically. The application will automatically detect the time capsule you have just plugged in.

Step 3

Follow Airport Utility's instructions for setting up your Time Capsule. Here you can choose to protect your wireless network, change its name, or use Time Capsule to extend a wireless network you have already set up.

Step 4

Download any firmware updates for your new hardware. Airport Utility will automatically install them after it has downloaded them.

Step 5

Choose the name you selected in the Time Capsule setup as your computer's wireless network.

Time Capsule for Backups

Step 1

Configure the "Time Machine" control panel in your Mac's System Preferences to use the Time Capsule for backups. Press the "Choose Disk" button and add the Time Capsule you've just set up and named.

Step 2

Allow plenty of time for the first backup. Afterwards, Time Capsule will automatically perform hourly backups of changes made to your hard drive. These later backups will take much less time.

Step 3

Manually back up Windows PCs to the Time Capsule by accessing your Network Places folder. Drag important folders and files to the Time Capsule regularly.

Tips & Warnings

  • At present, there is no automated Time Capsule backup solution for Windows PCs.