How to Set Up a Windstream Voice Mail

By Kristin Jirovsky

Windstream Communications voice mail is available on most landlines and all cellular phones in the Windstream network. The Windstream sales representative will give you complete instructions to set up your voice mail, which varies from customer to customer. There are some general instructions for setup, and the voice instructions on the menu are easy to follow. Setting up your voice mail is important, as Windstream will only play a message stating, "This customer has a voice mail system that is not set up." Callers will not be able to leave a message.

Things You'll Need

  • Windstream account number
  • Voice link PIN

Step 1

Dial the Windstream phone number given to you by the Windstream sales representative. Most phones will also accept dialing *98 to reach the voice mail box.

Step 2

Enter your voice link PIN when the system asks for it. This PIN can be found on your first bill or can be given to you by a Windstream Communications representative.

Step 3

Enter your account number. This number also will be found on your first paper bill and all bills to follow. The account number and PIN will only need to be used the first time during setup.

Step 4

After punching in your PIN and account number, follow the vocal instructions on the menu. As different voice mail options vary for your needs, you must listen carefully to each selection.In these menus, you will be able to change your voice mail access PIN, as well as set up your voice mail message.

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