How to Set Up an AT&T Remote Control With TV

By Teresa Starr

If your AT&T cable features have been activated, the next step will be to set up AT&T's universal remote control. If you want to program your DVD player, TiVo, or any other home electronic devices to work with your remote, then you must follow the same instructions for each piece of equipment. Setting up an AT&T remote control with your TV is an easy task that anyone can do.

Step 1

Turn on your TV.

Step 2

Point the remote control directly at the TV and press the "TV" button that is located on the top of the remote. Press "OK" at the same time. This will light up all of the buttons on the top of the remote.

Step 3

Enter "922" within 10 seconds after all the lights on the remote light up. After you do this the "TV" mode will flash.

Step 4

Press the "Play" button on the remote control and then release it.

Step 5

Press "FF" continuously until your TV turns off. Your AT&T remote will now work with your TV.

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