How to Set Up an AT&T U-verse Remote Control

By Chris Hoke

AT&T U-verse remote controls can be programmed to interact with a variety of televisions, DVD players, and other home entertainment devices. Typically, the AT&T technician who sets up your U-verse service will also set up your remote control to work with your television and other electronic devices. But if you've recently replaced your television, you'll need to reprogram the remote yourself.

Step 1

Locate your television or home entertainment device's entry in the AT&T U-verse Manufacture Code List (see Resources).

Step 2

Press and hold the "TV," "DVD," or "AUX" button at the top of the remote, depending on the type of item you wish to program into the remote control. These buttons are called "mode" buttons.

Step 3

Press and hold the "OK" button on the remote.

Step 4

Release both the "OK" and mode button simultaneously. The mode buttons should flash twice.

Step 5

Enter the four-digit code for your device using the number keypad on the remote control. The mode buttons will flash three times to indicate that a code has been successfully entered into the remote control. If the mode buttons instead give one long flash, the code has been entered incorrectly. If this happens, begin the process again from Step 2.

Step 6

Point the AT&T U-verse remote control at the device and press the "POWER" button. If the device powers on or off, the process has been successful. If there is no response from the device, refer to the additional codes listed in the "AT&T U-verse Manufacture Codes List" and start the process over from Step 2.

Step 7

Repeat the process choosing different mode buttons to program additional devices into the AT&T U-verse remote control.