How to Set Up an Automated Response in Microsoft Outlook

By Dee Dee Donato

If you are in an important position at your job or even if you are in touch with lots of friends in your personal life, you probably receive tons of emails that need your attention. Going on vacation or a business trip can keep you away from your email for quite a while, particularly if you don't have a laptop or other portable mode of communication. Prevent others from thinking that you are ignoring them by setting up an automated response that be will sent on your behalf until you can personally address the message.

Step 1

Open the software Microsoft Office Outlook 2007.

Step 2

Choose "Tools" from the menu bar and click on "Out of Office Assistant."

Step 3

Choose the radio button to select "I am currently out of the office," then create the message you would like others to receive.

Step 4

Type it in the empty box directly labeled "AutoReply only once to each sender with the following text." You can type anything you'd like, but it's most common to let others know you will be unavailable (you can include the reason if you'd like) and for how long.

Step 5

Click "Ok." This message will automatically be sent to those who email you while you are unavailable.

Tips & Warnings

  • You can add rules to your automated response that will delete a message you are uninterested in receiving, have it forward to someone else so they can handle it while you are gone, or have it filed away in a specific folder. To activiate these options, finish creating the text you would like in the automated response, then click on "Add rule" to specify options of your choose. Then choose "Ok."