How to Set Up an Email Notification

By Shannon Johnson

An email notification alert can be a helpful tool if you have several email accounts to manage and don't want to click back and forth between accounts, constantly checking for an anticipated email. Setting up an email notification system varies by what software applications you are using, but the process is similar in most applications. Once the notification feature is enabled, every time you receive an email, a notification should pop up on your desktop to let you know that a new message is waiting for you.

Step 1

Open the main mail software that offers notification alerts. For many users this will probably be Microsoft Outlook. Outlook allows users to set up notifications for POP and IMAP accounts to be downloaded directly to Outlook. For many users, these email accounts will be through an application such as Google's Gmail.

Step 2

Go to the Tool menu in the navigation bar of your software, and from there access your email control panel or your Alerts menu. In Outlook, click on "Tools" and then choose "Rules and Alerts." Once inside the menu, you should see a box or tab that specifies email rules. Click on it.

Step 3

Choose the folder you want to apply your alert changes to. In most cases, choose "Inbox" and then select the email address you want to receive notifications from. In Outlook, once you have made this selection, click "New Rule." Other software may say something like "create new," "apply changes," "modify" or other commands that suggest you will be making changes to how the email address operates.

Step 4

Select the option that allows you to get alerts from the task wizard that should follow. In Outlook, click "Display mail from someone in the New Item Alert Window."

Step 5

Set the notification conditions that specify from what account you will get notifications and how many, if applicable. In Outlook, check the box marked "Through the Specified Account," select the correct email you want to get notifications for from the popup, click the highlighted word "Specified" at the bottom of the page and then click "Next." If given the option, name the alert.

Step 6

Select the box that turns the rule or specification on as part of the last step and save your changes. In Outlook, click "Finish" and "OK" inside the wizard. Now whenever an email is received from that account, a notification will appear on your screen.

Tips & Warnings

  • Every software is different. If your boxes appear very different from those described here, go to your help menu inside the software and type in "notification alerts" or "email alerts." This should help you find the wizard specific to your program.