How to Set Up an MSN Email Address

By Nancy Chen

MSN boasts its free email service, Hotmail, as the "efficient way to do e-mail." Indeed, MSN offers several perks such as advanced security protection, email accessibility with your cell phone and one-stop inboxing, or the ability to bring all your email addresses together. Once you complete the process of setting up an account with MSN, you'll be able to use your new Hotmail email address.

Step 1

Open up your Internet browser to the MSN "Create your email address" page.

Step 2

Select the country or region of the world you live in.

Step 3

Choose the name you would like to appear before the "" part of the address. Besides letter and numbers, you can also use hyphens, periods and underscores to personalize your email address. Press "Check Availability" when you have typed in your desired name to make sure it is not already claimed.

Step 4

Create a password for your account; your password must have six or more characters. You'll be prompted to type in your desired password twice. To protect yourself from identity theft and fraud, you should create a strong password for your email account.

Step 5

Select a security question from the pull-down menu and provide the answer to the question. In case you forget your password, you'll be able to retrieve that information upon giving the correct answer. Or, provide another email address that you use; MSN will send your forgotten password to that email address.

Step 6

Provide your personal information such as your name, birth date, gender, state, zip code and the time zone you live in.

Step 7

Enter the characters you see on your screen for verification purposes.

Step 8

Read through Microsoft's service agreement and online privacy statement and click "Accept" when you are done.

Step 9

Navigate to the "Sign In" page for Hotmail. Type your user name ( and password in the appropriate spaces; click "Sign In." Now you are ready to use your MSN email address.

Tips & Warnings

  • Write down your new account information such as your user name, password, security question and answer; this will prevent future hassles in case you forget your password.