How to Set Up Bookmark Folders in Safari

By Haley Montgomery

If you work on a Mac computer, Safari is the internet browser that came standard with your operating system. The bookmark features in Safari can make your time on the internet more fun and more efficient. Organizing your bookmarks into folders is the first step. Your folder names will appear as drop-down menus in the special "bookmarks bar" just under your URL input box, giving you easy and quick access to your favorite sites.

Step 1

Click the open-book icon at the far left of the Bookmarks Bar to gain access to all your bookmark links within one screen. You may also choose Bookmarks > Show All Bookmarks from the main Safari menu.

Step 2

Add a new Bookmark Folder. Highlight "Bookmarks Bar" within the Collections column. Click your pointer into the split window at right under the Bookmark heading. Then choose Bookmarks > Add Bookmark Folder from the main Safari menu. An "Untitled" folder will be added to your Bookmark Folders list.

Step 3

Name your folder by double-clicking "untitled folder" and typing your chosen name into the text field. You can add as many bookmark folders as you need. Name them according to how you want your bookmarks organized. You may have folders for shopping, online banking, work links, blogs or travel--whatever works best for your browsing experience. Your newly created folders will automatically appear in the Bookmarks Bar of your Safari window.

Step 4

Organize your bookmarks into the appropriate folders. Drag bookmarks from the Bookmarks Menu collection into the Bookmarks Bar window, and then into your choice of folder. Or, when you are browsing, just choose Bookmarks > Add Bookmark when visiting one of your favorite sites. A dialog box will appear allowing you to choose a folder for the new bookmark. You can also change the order of bookmarks within your various folders in the Bookmarks Bar window by simply dragging an individual bookmark up or down according to your preferences.

Step 5

Rename your bookmarks to suit your internet surfing. Just click on the name and type your preferred title. This option allows you to replace long page titles with ones that are more intuitive for your browsing needs.