How to Set Up Business Email on an iPhone

By Helen Jain

The Apple iPhone is a convenient portable device for a variety of reasons. Not only does it allow a phone connection, but it makes checking emails simple. The automatic settings include basic email providers such as Yahoo!, Google or Hotmail. When using the iPhone for a business account, the address might include the business name rather than an email provider name such as Yahoo! or Google. The business address needs to be set up on the iPhone, but once this is done, the phone will always be connected to this account when the email address is selected.

Step 1

Select the "Settings" option on the iPhone and press the "Mail, Contacts and Calendar" option. Open "Add Account" from the available options.

Step 2

Look at the options. Business emails will require selecting "Other" rather than one of the available options preset in the phone. Select "Add Mail Account" to change the set-up to "IMAP." Type in a personal name, the business email address and the password for the email account. Check that the address and password are entered correctly and fill in a description if preferred. Tap the "Next" button to move on.

Step 3

Select "IMAP" at the top of the page if it is not yet selected. Type the name of the mail server host. According to Apple iPhone's Set Up Guide, the usual format is written as ""

Step 4

Type the user name, which is the email address without the part of the address. Type the email password again.

Step 5

Type in the STMP host. The iPhone Set Up Guide states that the common format is ""

Step 6

Enter the user name and password again and then click "Save" on the iPhone. This will save the set-up for the business email. The IMAP service page opens upon saving the set-up. Select any preferred applications by clicking the "On/Off" button to either "On" for the service or "Off" to turn off the service. Save the settings by pressing the save button. The email is now set up as an active account.

Step 7

Work on further modifications as preferred. Select the business email account and click "Account Info" followed by "Advanced" to make further changes, such as how long messages are stored or which folders store emails. Save the settings.