How to Set Up MS Outlook on a Microsoft Exchange Server on an iPhone

By Lanae Carr

Microsoft Exchange Servers allow secure access to Outlook email accounts from remote locations. Smartphones, such as the iPhone, offer advanced connectivity and computing features that allow you to navigate your phone as if it were a home computer. Your Outlook calendar, tasks and emails can be synced to your phone for quick retrieval. Whether you are traveling for business or running errands throughout the day, keep track of important business and personal emails by configuring your Outlook account on your iPhone using Microsoft Exchange.

Things You'll Need

  • IP server address
  • Account username
  • Account password

Step 1

Touch the "Settings" icon on your iPhone screen. Touch "Mail, Contact, Calendars" from the "Settings" menu.

Step 2

Select "Add Account" under the "Accounts" submenu. Touch the "Microsoft Exchange" icon.

Step 3

Enter your Outlook email address at the top of the "Exchange" screen.

Step 4

Type in the domain address associated with your Microsoft Exchange Server. Your domain should be entered as ""

Step 5

Enter your username and password in the spaces provided. Your username is the ID you enter when logging in to your Outlook webmail account. If you have multiple Microsoft Exchange accounts, add a description or nickname for this account.

Step 6

Touch "Next" to verify your account settings. Your email account will be listed under "Accounts" in the "Mail, Contacts and Calendar" menu.

Step 7

Touch the "Email" icon to check your Outlook email.

Tips & Warnings

  • If your account settings cannot be verified with your username, password, domain and email address, you will be asked to enter the server name for your Microsoft Exchange account ( Obtain this address by contacting your IP administrator or Microsoft Exchange customer service if you are an authorized user on the account.