How to Set Up Outlook Email on an iPhone

The interface on the iPhone and the iPod Touch consists of a series of icons that serve as buttons when touched, along with a keyboard that can be activated. The Mail program on the iPhone and iPod Touch automatically sets up and verifies POP and IMAP email accounts. When first using your iPhone, you will be prompted to enter preference and email information. Additional email accounts can be accessed through the Settings section by activating the "Add Account" wizard.

The iPhone Mail program can lead you through setting up email accounts.

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Click the "Settings" button (icon) from the home screen, then click the "Mail, Contacts, Calendars" button. Select "Add Account."


Click the "Other" button. Activate the keyboard and type your email address and password in the fields. Click "Next."


Read the confirmation message telling you that the email was set up. Click "OK." Click the home button to exit the wizard.

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