How to Set up SMC Wireless

By Jason Gabriel

Wireless Internet is a huge convenience to professionals and general computerusers in today's world. Being without wires, it notability allows for great mobility on the part of those using laptops; it also allows desktop computers in a household or office to be located more liberally, as they need not be in wire range of an Internet modem. Further, the lack of wires allows for many computers to easily connect to a wireless network. All that is needed in order to create a wireless network is an Internet connection and a wireless router. SMC is a company that produces wireless routers.

Things You'll Need

  • SMC WBR14S-N3 wireless router
  • Ethernet cable (included in packaging)

Step 1

Find the Ethernet cable connecting your computer to your cable/DSL modem.

Step 2

Remove the end of the cable that connects to the computer.

Step 3

Connect that end of the cable to the black Ethernet port on the rear of the wireless router.

Step 4

Insert one end of your spare Ethernet cable into a yellow Ethernet port on the rear of the wireless router.

Step 5

Insert the other end of that Ethernet cable into the Ethernet port on your computer's network card.

Step 6

Connect the router's power supply to the router and connect the power supply to an outlet.

Step 7

Reboot your computer.

Step 8

Open your Internet browser.

Step 9

Navigate to

Step 10

Type "admin" into the "Admin" field and "smcadmin" into the "Password" field.

Step 11

Click on "OK."

Step 12

Click on "Setup Wizard."

Step 13

Follow the setup wizard's instructions.

Step 14

Click on "Apply." Your wireless router will restart. Once it has fully rebooted, your network setup will be complete.

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