How to Set Up Streaming Netflix Movies and TV on an HDTV

By Richard Schupp

Netflix is a video service that allows for mail-delivery rental of DVDs and Blu-ray discs for a monthly fee. With every Netflix membership comes the ability to use Instant Watch and streaming service available for broadband Internet customers. Instant Watch can be viewed with an HDTV through the use of a Netflix-ready device. Newer HDTVs are Internet-ready and are equipped with Ethernet ports that can be connected to your home's broadband Internet service. The HDTV can then stream Instant Watch without a Netflix-ready device.

Things You'll Need

  • Broadband Internet access
  • Internet-Ready HDTV
  • Ethernet cable

Using Instant Watch With Netflix-Ready Device

Step 1

Turn on the Netflix-ready device and the HDTV. Enter the username and password for your Netflix account.

Step 2

Visit using your computer and input the code given by your Netflix-ready device. This will allow the device to sync with your account.

Step 3

Allow time for the sync to complete. When finished, you can begin browsing the Instant Watch selection.

Using Instant Watch With Internet-Ready HDTV

Step 1

Connect an Ethernet cable from the port on the back of the HDTV to the port on the back of your modem or router.

Step 2

Turn on the HDTV and navigate to the Netflix input. This will be different for every TV. For some there will be a specific button on the remote control; for others, you may need to navigate a menu. Check with your HDTV user guide for more information.

Step 3

Enter your username and password into the Netflix log in screen, and an activation code will appear.

Step 4

Visit and input the code given. Allow time for the HDTV to sync with your Netflix account.

Step 5

Browse the Instant Watch selection when the sync is complete.