How to Set Up Time Warner Cable

By Nick Miles

Time Warner Cable is one of the leading cable subscription companies nationwide, offering bundles featuring any combination of phone, Internet and cable. Once you've ordered a cable package and received the cable set top box, you need to set up your cable.

Things You'll Need

  • RF cable line
  • Component cable

Step 1

Insert the RF cable line that is connected to your cable network into the “Cable in” port on the back of your set top box receiver.

Step 2

Connect the set top box to your TV with the component cable, which is a high definition cable with red, blue and gree video connectors and red and white audio connectors. If you have a standard definition set top box, connect it with a composite cable, which is a standard yellow, red and white connector.

Step 3

Plug the power cable into a wall outlet and turn on your TV and set top box. The box will take a few minutes to initialize.

Step 4

Dial the phone number on screen to activate your subscription. Activation of cable subscription is required before you can watch any programming. The set top box then loads the programming guide allowing you to watch the channels to which you've subscribed.