How to Set Up Two Monitors on a Laptop

By Ian Moore

If you use your laptop a lot, sometimes one monitor may not be enough. The solution to this problem is to add an additional monitor. By doing this, you will be able to watch your favorite DVD movies, make PowerPoint presentations and do anything else you want on a much larger screen. The standard monitor on a laptop can be quite small, so adding an additional one will multiply the size and resolution of whatever you are viewing. Connecting an additional monitor takes little time and does not require professional expertise.

How to Set Up Two Monitors on a Laptop

Step 1

Make sure that your second monitor is compatible with your laptop. If your monitor is older and is not a flat screen, it will most likely be incompatible with your laptop.

Step 2

Look on the side of your laptop for the monitor input jack. There will be an image that looks like a monitor next to it. Take the output jack of your monitor and plug it into the input jack on your laptop. Make sure that it is aligned to fit the pins. If not, you could damage the inside of the jack.

Step 3

Set the brightness and contrast by pressing the buttons on the bottom of the monitor. Press the "auto adjust" button to go back to the default settings.

Step 4

Move your mouse around or type on the keyboard. Whatever you now do on your laptop monitor will also be visible on the secondary monitor.

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