How to Set up University Email on the iPhone

By Robert Schrader

Among the functional advantages Apple's iPhone offers over traditional cell phones is use of the Internet and email, the latter of which allows you to access your email inbox with only a couple taps on the device's screen. Although iPhone email setup defaults to several popular Web-based email clients -- AOL, Gmail and Hotmail, to new a few -- it's possible to configure your inbox to send and receive mail from any server, including that of your university.

Step 1

Tap the iPhone's "Settings" icon. Thumb down to the mail "Mail, Contacts, Calendars" subdivision of the "Settings" menu and tap it.

Step 2

Tap "Add Account." Thumb down to the bottom of the listings -- you see AOL, Gmail and Yahoo!, for example -- and tap "Other."

Step 3

Input your email address and password, as well as your incoming and outgoing mail servers. If you don't have the latter two pieces of information, contact the individual who administers your university network to get them. Review your information, then tap "Save."

Step 4

Begin sending and receiving email on the iPhone via your university account. Tap the "Mail" icon, then the name of your university email address if you have more than one email account set up on your iPhone. Tap "Inbox" to retrieve new messages waiting on your university's server. Tap the "New Message" icon within your university mail account to send a message from that address.