How to Set Up Voicemail on a TracFone

By Ma Wen Jie

TracFone is a pre-paid carrier that uses the Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) network in the United States. TracFone offers voicemail with its cellular phones. You can either set up your voicemail on the TracFone website or from your phone. To set up voicemail from their website, follow the instructions on the website. However, setting up voicemail from your phone is quick and easy.

Things You'll Need

  • Activated, operational TracFone handset

Step 1

Turn on your phone.

Step 2

Press and hold the "1" key to dial your voicemail.

Step 3

Press "1" and "#" when the new voicemail asks for your voicemail language. This will set the language to English.

Step 4

Set the password for your voice mail when prompted by the system. This password must be four digits long. Press the "#" key after entering the password.

Step 5

Select the type of greeting callers will hear before being asked to leave a message when prompted by the voice mail setup system. To select a standard machine greeting that will read your phone number only, press "1." To select a standard machine greeting that will insert your name, press "2." To record a custom greeting, press "3."

Step 6

Follow the voice prompt instructions for the type of greeting you select. In some cases, the system may require you to record a personal greeting, even if you are using a machine greeting.