How to Set up Windows Live Mail

By Contributing Writer

If you’re using Outlook Express, it may be time to upgrade and get the newest version of mail programs, Windows Live Mail. It’s similar to Outlook Express, but more enhanced and innovative. Get multiple email accounts all in one place and, best of all, you no longer have to switch identities--they’re all together in one place.

Step 1

Check the system requirements. You must have Microsoft Windows XP SP2 or higher, or Windows Vista installed on your computer. You need an Internet connection and a browser, such as Internet Explorer or Firefox. You will also need at least an 800 MHz processor and 128 of RAM.

Step 2

Download the program. Visit the Windows Live Mail site and download the free program and install it into your computer. The handy wizard will walk you through the process with step-by-step installation (see Resources below).

Step 3

Set up your email accounts. Once you have the program installed, you’re now ready to set up your email accounts. Start by choosing “add an email account” in your main window of the program. Add your information such as the email address, password and how you want others to see your name displayed.

Step 4

You will need to know the mail server settings, which are commonly referred to as POP3 and SMTP. Be sure to check the box that asks if your server requires authentication. Finish with the wizard, and you’re set up to send and receive mail.

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