How to Set up Your Dish Network Remote to Control the TV

By Stephen A. Powell

You can minimize confusion and clutter by reducing the number of remote controls in your home entertainment system. Dish Network’s all-in-one remote eliminates the need for your TV remote. You can use your Dish Network remote handset to control the television and the dish receiver’s programming if you set up the device properly.

Step 1

Hold down the TV button in the device row at the top of your Dish Network remote control until all of the top buttons flash. The TV button will blink.

Step 2

Push the “Power” button to program the TV function.

Step 3

Enter the code for your television model found in your remote's user manual. Programming codes vary by remote, so you will need your manual. Otherwise, skip this step and perform a code signal search. Check the Dish Network tech portal for information on your remote model.

Step 4

Perform a code search for your television’s signal. Push and release the “UP” arrow button on the remote control’s directional pad until your television turns on. This indicates that the remote has found your television’s signal. Be careful not to push the arrow button again or you'll lose your programmed code signal and have to restart the process. Skip this step if you have successfully entered the correct television signal code as per your remote's manual.

Step 5

Push the “#” button to lock the television’s code signal into your remote. You will now be able to control the television whenever you push the “TV” button in the Dish Network remote’s device row.