How to Set Up Your Enabled Blu-Ray Player to Access Netflix

By Shala Munroe

For just a few dollars per month, Netflix allows you to watch unlimited streaming movies and television shows through a Web-enabled device such as your Netflix-ready Blu-Ray player. Not all Blu-Ray players can stream video from Netflix, so check for the Netflix logo on the box or call your manufacturer to confirm your device includes Netflix streaming capabilities. More than 23 million people worldwide take advantage of the Netflix's instant streaming capabilities. Netflix allows you to browse or search available titles, and it learns the type of movie or show you like so it can make recommendations for you. To watch streaming video from Netflix on your Blu-Ray player, first connect your device to your TV and the Internet, then activate it with Netflix.

Things You'll Need

  • Netflix account
  • Home wired or wireless network

Step 1

Create a Netflix account if you don't already have one. Type your email address and a password of your choice the "Start Your 1 Month Free Trial" section at the top right of the Netflix homepage and click "Continue." Enter your credit card or PayPal information, click the box to agree to the terms and conditions, then click "Start Membership." If you cancel your account within the first 30 days, you aren't charged.

Step 2

Refer to your Blu-Ray player's user manual to ensure it is compatible with your router. Most Web-enabled Blu-Ray players connect through your home's wireless router; if your router allows only wired connections, make sure it is located near the Blu-Ray player and connect the two devices using an Ethernet cable. Some Blu-Ray players may not have an Ethernet port and connect only wirelessly while others require an adapter to connect wirelessly, so purchase a Blu-Ray player that works best for your type of router. Before you buy, check your Blu-Ray player's compatibility to your router's protocol as well. Many require a certain type of router protocol, such as "IEEE802.11 b/g/n."

Step 3

Connect your Blu-Ray player to the Internet. Make sure your Blu-Ray device, router and modem are turned on. Follow the specific instructions in your Blu-Ray player's user manual, however most require similar steps. Press "Settings" or "Home" on your Blu-Ray remote, then navigate to the "Communication Setup" or similar command. Use the remote's arrow keys to choose your connection type: wired or wireless. Press "Select" or "OK." Click "Yes" as necessary to allow the device to automatically obtain the IP address. Enter your primary and secondary DNS addresses; if you don't know them, click on your computer's "Start" button and type "cmd" in the "Search" field. Type "ipconfig" at the "C" prompt. Record the DNS addresses when they appear. Click "Test" to check your connection. Some wireless devices can connect automatically to your router; in this case, choose the appropriate network connection from the list your Blu-Ray player detects. Enter a security code if necessary. Use the "Test" function to ensure the device is connected to the Internet successfully.

Step 4

Register your Blu-Ray player with your manufacturer's website, if required to enable it to play videos on demand. Enter your name, contact information and product information, such as model number and serial number, to create your account. Some manufacturers send an email confirmation link that you must click on to complete your registration.

Step 5

Activate your Blu-Ray player with Netflix. Use your Blu-Ray remote to go through "Home" or "Settings" to your "Netflix" menu. Select "Activate Instant Streaming Through Netflix," or similar command. When an activation code appears on your TV screen, log in to your Netflix account on your computer. At the bottom left of the screen, click on "How to Watch on Your TV." Click "Have an Activation Code?" in the middle of the screen. Enter your activation code in the box provided, then press "Activate."

Step 6

Wait several minutes for Netflix to activate your device. The device is activated when the TV screen changes to show your Netflix Instant Queue instead of the activation screen. Use your computer to load movies or TV shows to your Instant Queue, then use your Blu-Ray remote's arrow keys to select the loaded movies or shows to watch. Press "Enter" or "Select" to begin watching your Netflix selection.