How to Set up Your iPad

By Avery Martin

The iPad setup process includes a tutorial that takes you through the most basic options to set up your device. However, to get the most out of your iPad you need to dig deeper to understand how your choices in the setup wizard affect the way your iPad functions. Apple's iOS 7 setup wizard guides you through the process of selecting a Wi-Fi network, adding an Apple ID, configuring the iCloud service and configuring advanced features, such as Location Services and Find My iPad.

Step 1

Swipe from left to right across the iPad screen to access the setup wizard. The initial screen allows you to select a language and then region to use with your iPad. Select the region that matches your country of residence since this setting can affect the language, store settings and content availability.

Step 2

Select your network from the list of available options to complete the required activation process and set up your Wi-Fi connection. Enter your Wi-Fi password and tap the "Join" link. After entering the password for your network, the device contacts Apple's servers for activation. If you can't connect to a Wi-Fi network, you can connect your iPad to your computer and use iTunes to complete activation. A notification displays on your iPad during the activation process and the setup wizard advances you to the next screen once activation completes.

Step 3

Select "Enable Location Services" to provide the ability to locate your iPad geographically. If you don't want to use location services, select "Disable Location Services."Location Services also provide a useful option for finding local restaurants or getting directions, and Apple requires location services if you plan to use Find My iPad.

Step 4

Select the option to "Set Up as New iPad," "Restore From iCloud Backup" or "Restore From iTunes Backup." Setting your device up as a new iPad gives you the default installation. You need to download any apps you want to use or sync the device with your iTunes library to install content. If you select the option to restore from iTunes, you must connect your device to your computer and launch iTunes. After confirming the file you want to use, the device restores itself and completes the setup process using the settings from your backup.

Step 5

Choose the option to "Sign in With Your Apple ID" or "Create a Free Apple ID," if you chose to set up your device as a new iPad. Then, provide your Apple ID credentials, or follow the prompts to confirm your birthday and choose an Apple ID to use on your device. If you selected the option to restore using iCloud, provide your credentials and select the backup you want to restore.

Step 6

Tap the "Agree" button and tap "Agree" again to confirm that you read the Terms of Service.

Step 7

Enter and confirm a four-digit passcode to use on your device. This protects your data and prompts users for a passcode before accessing your apps and content.

Step 8

Complete any remaining prompts and tap "Get Started" to begin using your iPad.

Step 9

Connect your device to iTunes using the Lightning USB connector cable and select the items you want to sync to your device. Click the "Sync" button to complete the process.