How to Set Up Your Voice Mail on a Verizon Phone

By Andrew Smith

Your Verizon wireless cell phone lets you send and receive calls from cell phones and landlines. If you happen to miss one of these calls, however, the caller on the other end can leave a message on your voice mail service. Before callers can leave messages on your voice mail, though, you must first set up the voice mail service for your phone number. This can be done from either your cell phone or any other phone number.

Things You'll Need

  • Phone (cell or landline)

Step 1

Turn your Verizon phone on.

Step 2

Press the star or "*" button on the phone and then enter "86" on the phone. It should appear as "*86" on your phone screen. If you are calling from a home or landline phone or another cell phone, simply dial your Verizon cell phone number.

Step 3

Press "Send" on the phone to dial the phone number.

Step 4

Select the pound ("#") button on the phone to enter into the voice mail service.

Step 5

Type in the desired password for your Verizon voice mail and then press pound ("#").

Step 6

Press "3" on the phone to get into the greetings portion of the phone if you wish to set a personal greeting. Move to the next step to choose a greeting or disconnect the call if you want to use the default Verizon voice mail greeting.

Step 7

Press "1" to add a personal greeting to your Verizon voice mail or press "3" if you simply want to have your recorded name in the Verizon voice mail greeting.

Step 8

Speak into the phone when prompted to by the voice mail service. What you say and how long you speak will be determined by which option you selected in the previous step.

Step 9

Press "*" to exit the greeting portion of the voice mail service. Disconnect the call to complete the process.