How to Set Your Cell Phone So Restricted Calls Can't Get Through

By Khalidah Tunkara

Callers who block their calls can be a nuisance when you are sleeping or otherwise indisposed. Since a blocked call does not show its caller's identification or any other information, it is not an easy task to determine whether the call is an emergency, of importance or whether it is simply an aunt calling to rehash the latest soap opera. Learning how to restrict your cell phone calls is a must-have technique when only your desired contacts are authorized to contact you.

Step 1

Access the settings features on your phone.

Step 2

Find the "Security" tab. Some phones may have the security feature in the main menu.

Step 3

Enter your phone's security code. Though codes may be different for each cell phone provider, the default code for most phones are the last four numbers of your cell phone number.

Step 4

Scroll down to the call restrictions tab and select the tab that restricts incoming calls.

Step 5

Select the tab that will block unknown numbers or any number that is unknown. If your phone requires you to enter a contact to block instead of a blanket of blocked numbers , enter 10 zeros (000-000-0000). If your phone requires a name to add to the 10 zeros, enter the name "unknown caller" and save it as the contact. Since most blocked calls come across without a number attached, you may also need to add 10 nines (999-999-9999) or (000-012-345-6789). Performing this action will usually block any call with this number format.

Step 6

Log on to and register a free account to block any other unknown or restricted callers. offers a service that will enhance your voice-mail to block restricted callers as well as notify you when a restricted caller is seeking to contact you.

Tips & Warnings

  • Be sure that you are dead-set on blocking restricted calls. Some police agencies, hospitals and relatives numbers may inadvertently come across your caller ID screen as blocked or restricted and you may miss out on an important call.