How to Set Your Computer for Larger Print

By Ess Loumarr

If the default size of the text on your computer screen is too small to read easily, you can make it larger. To accommodate users with different visual needs and preferences, Microsoft Windows has included the "Ease of Access" feature in the Control Panel, where you can choose between small or medium print size. These settings affect program windows, text, internal menus and dialog boxes, desktop icons and many of the web pages you view.

Step 1

Click the "Windows" button on the task bar at the bottom of your computer screen to open the "Startup" menu. Select "Control Panel" from the list of folders on the right.

Step 2

Look for the subheading labeled "Ease of Access," and click the option to "optimize visual display." This action opens a dialog box with a variety of settings that make the screen easier to see.

Step 3

Scroll down to the section labeled "Make things on the screen larger." Select the option to change the size of items such as screen text and icons.

Step 4

Fill in the selection bubble next to the "Medium" setting, which will modify the screen size to 125 percent. Look at the "Preview" box for a comparison of the two size settings. Click "Apply" when you are finished.

Step 5

Follow the system prompt to log off of your computer. Close all open programs before logging off. The changes will not go into effect until you log back on to the computer.

Tips & Warnings

  • If your screen is set to a high resolution, some items may be cut out of your viewing window after you apply the enlargement settings.