How to Setup a Business on Facebook

By Wesley DeBoy

Creating a Facebook page for your business is a great way to implement on-line marketing and advertising for your business. Setting up a business page on Facebook takes little time and adds a great deal of visibility to your business and its products.

Things You'll Need

  • Facebook account

Step 1

Navigate to

Step 2

Click on “Advertising” located at the bottom of the page as a text link.

Step 3

Click on “Pages” at the top of the advertising page.

Step 4

Click “Create a Page.”

Step 5

Select the type of business you are creating a page for by clicking the drop-down menu next to “Local.”

Step 6

Type in the name of your business in the “Name of Page” section.

Step 7

Check-mark the “Do not make my page visible at this time” box if you’d like to continue working on the page at a later time before publishing it.

Step 8

Enter the text shown in the “Security Check” box.

Step 9

Click “Create Page.”

Step 10

Follow the steps to create a Facebook account if you do not already have one. If you have a Facebook account, click “I already have a Facebook account” and type in your email address and password. Then click "Login."

Step 11

Add pictures, text and other information to your business page by clicking on the different sections and adding content to them. If you clicked “Do not make my page visible at this time” earlier, click “Share” when you are ready to publish the page to the Facebook community.