How to Setup a Range Extender

By Dean Lee

A wireless router broadcasts out a wireless signal to create a wireless network. However, the signal only carries over a limited area. A range extender locates the signal that is broadcast by the router, then expands the effective coverage area. The range extender must be configured to work with the router's wireless network, meaning that it needs to associate with the correct SSID and wireless key. Once it has been configured, it can be placed on the outer edges of the router's coverage area to expand the wireless signal.

Things You'll Need

  • Ethernet cable
  • Range extender
  • Computer

Step 1

Plug the range extender in.

Step 2

Connect an Ethernet cable from the Internet port on the range extender to the computer.

Step 3

Open a web broswer and type in the network address of the range extender. It will look similar to "192.168.X.X." Refer to your user manual for the specific address.

Step 4

Enter the login information. A common login and password is "admin" and "password," but refer to the user manual for specific login information.

Step 5

Navigate to the basic settings and set the extender to have dynamic IP addressing.

Step 6

Navigate to the wireless settings and select the wireless network for the wireless router you are using from the list of available networks. You may need to click on a button such as "Site Survey" to see the list of networks.

Step 7

Select the wireless security type and key that is being used by the wireless router you are using.

Step 8

Save the settings and exit the browser.

Step 9

Unplug the computer from the range extender.