How to Setup Outlook 2010 for Hotmail

By Rex Molder

Microsoft Outlook 2010 is one of the applications included in the Microsoft Office 2010 productivity suite. It is a feature-rich email client that allows you to configure multiple POP3/SMTP and IMAP email addresses. If you have a Windows Live Hotmail account, you can set up the account to work with Outlook 2010 using the free Outlook Hotmail Connector application available from Microsoft. Once your account is set up, you will be able to use Outlook to check and download your Hotmail messages and to send messages from your Hotmail account.

Step 1

Download the appropriate version of Outlook Hotmail Connector for your operating system from the links in the Resource section.

Step 2

Close Outlook 2010 and double-click the Hotmail Connector icon. Check the box to accept the terms and conditions and click the "Install" button. Allow the program to install.

Step 3

Open Outlook 2010. Click the "File" menu, select "Info" and click the "Add Account" icon on the right side of the menu. The Auto Account Setup window will open.

Step 4

Click the "Email Account" radio button. Enter your name in the first box, your Hotmail email address in the second box and your account password in the third and fourth boxes. Click "Next" at the bottom of the window.

Step 5

Allow Outlook to search for the proper account settings for your Hotmail account. This will also work for other popular email providers. Once it finishes, you will see the "Congratulations" screen if you entered everything correctly.

Step 6

Click "Finish" to exit setup. The "Welcome to Hotmail" window will open and present you with options such as importing your Hotmail contacts and personalizing your inbox.