How to Setup Outlook Express With Bellsouth

By Jason Artman

BellSouth was acquired by AT&T in 2006. As a result, email at the domain is provided by AT&T, which can create confusion for some customers setting their BellSouth email up on a new computer due to difficulty finding support information online. BellSouth email provided by AT&T is compatible with the Outlook Express email client. Set your BellSouth account up to begin sending and receiving messages on your computer.

Step 1

Launch Outlook Express. Click the "Tools" menu at the top of the screen, then click "Accounts."

Step 2

Click the "Add" button, then click "Mail."

Step 3

Type your name as you would like others to see it when they receive mail from you, then click "Next."

Step 4

Type your full email address, ending in "" Click "Next."

Step 5

Type "" in the "Incoming Server" box, and "" in the "Outgoing Server" box. Make sure that the drop-down menu at the top of the window displays "POP3" and click "Next."

Step 6

Type your full email address in the box labeled "Account Name," then type your password. Click "Next," then click "Finish" to return to the Outlook Express account list.

Step 7

Click the "Mail" tab. Select the BellSouth email address and click "Properties."

Step 8

Click the "Servers" tab. Place a check in the box labeled "My outgoing server requires authentication."

Step 9

Click the "Advanced" tab. Place a check in each box labeled "This server requires a secure connection (SSL)." Change the port number next to "Incoming Mail" to "995" and change the port number next to "Outgoing Mail" to "465."

Step 10

Click "OK," then click "Close." The BellSouth email account is ready to use in Outlook Express.