How to Share a Calendar in Outlook 2007

By Suvro Banerji

Outlook 2007 gives you the option of sharing a calendar with other users. The recipient normally receives a notification via email indicating that you wish to share your calendar with him/her. This goes both ways--the recipient can share a calendar with you in the same fashion. Sharing calendars on Outlook is becoming increasingly popular these days because it saves users time and energy--they don't have to manually type dates and times to send an invitation or schedule meetings.

Step 1

Launch Outlook 2007.

Step 2

Click on "Calendar" on the left panel.

Step 3

Click on "Share My Calendar" in the Navigation Pane.

Step 4

Type in the name of the recipient under the "To" category. You can also type his or her email address.

Step 5

Type a subject under the "Subject" category. Check the box titled "Allow recipient to view your Calendar." If you also wish to view the recipient's calendar, check the box titled "Request Permission to view recipient's Calendar."

Step 6

Type anything that you may want to add in the message body, then hit the "Send" button. Review and hit "OK" when the confirmation dialog pops up.