How to Show Public Folders in Outlook 2007

By Greg Lindberg

When you are connected to the Microsoft Exchange Server you can share files and folders using the Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 application. By accessing public folders with Outlook 2007 you can post information onto an electronic bulletin board, share calendar and contact items, share document files, or determine folder access permissions. You can view public folders that you are allowed access to at any time from the left navigation menu in your program.

Step 1

Open the Microsoft Outlook 2007 application on your computer and then click on the "Inbox" option from the left navigation pane.

Step 2

Click on the "Go" option from the top toolbar menu and then click on the "Folder List" option.

Step 3

Click on the "Public Folders" option from below the "Folder List" heading in the left navigation pane. The public folder will then be displayed.

Step 4

Select an arrow next to any public folder to access a sub-folder from the left navigation pane.

Step 5

Double-click on any public folder to view the contents within the folder.