How to Sign In and Change a Password in Hotmail

By Michelle Varsallona

Changing your email password is essential to account security. This is especially true if you access email often on public computers. You don't want someone finding out your email information and getting a hold of your personal information and all of your email contacts' personal information. You should change your password as often as you feel the need. If you access email in public areas, you should change it more often.

Step 1

Open your Web browser and go to "".

Step 2

Sign in using your Hotmail email and current password on the right side of the browser. Click "Sign In."

Step 3

Click your name at the top, right corner in the Hotmail window. Click "View Account."

Step 4

Choose "Change" next to "Password."

Step 5

Type your current password next to "Old Password."

Step 6

Enter a new password next to "Type new password" and "Retype new password."

Step 7

Click "Save" to save your changes.