How to Sign Up for Earthlink Email

By Techwalla Computers Editor

Earthlink started in 1994 when founder Sky Dayton had difficulties figuring out how to set up his personal computer for the Internet. By 2000, Earthlink became the second-largest Internet service provider in the USA by merging with MindSpring. Today, thousands of people sign up for Earthlink Internet service and email every month. It only takes a few minutes to sign up for a new Earthlink account.

Step 1

Choose between Earthlink high-speed and Earthlink dial-up Internet service at the Earthlink website (see Resources below). Prices increase as the speed of your Internet connection increases. Click the "Learn More" button in the box with your connection choice for prices.

Step 2

Find out whether Earthlink allows people in your area to sign up for service by filling out the form under "Check Availability." It may take a minute or two for the results to show up for your locale.

Step 3

Finalize your choice for Internet service by clicking the "Order Now" button by the service available in your locale.

Step 4

Look over your order to confirm it is the choice you selected, and then click the "Check Out" button to continue.

Step 5

Type the name you want for your email address in the box under "Desired Email Address." You may have to come up with several user name options to find an available name.

Step 6

Create a password made up of six to eight case-sensitive letters and numbers and type the password in the box under "Password" and "Confirm Password." Use a combination of numbers, lowercase letters and uppercase letters for the most secure password.

Step 7

Create a special question to answer in case you forget your password. Click the drop-down menu under "Security Hint," and click one of the questions. Type the answer to your question in the box under "Security Word." Click the "Create Account" button to submit your information to Earthlink.

Step 8

Fill out the forms to set up your payment(s) for the Internet and email service, and then click the button to submit the information to Earthlink.

Tips & Warnings

  • Save money on your Earthlink email and Internet service by adding in the home telephone service offered by Earthlink.
  • As with any Internet service, make sure you check out the price for service after the introductory special ends.
  • If you want high-speed Internet service, you may have to set up an appointment with Earthlink to have the hardware installed on your property.