How to Sign Up for Verizon Email

By Techwalla Computers Editor

To sign up for a Verizon email account, you will have to make Verizon your Internet service provider (ISP). A Verizon email account, with the option to add a number of "sub" accounts to your primary Verizon email address, comes standard with all their Internet service packages.

Step 1

Decide what type of Internet service you want Verizon to provide. You can choose from dial-up, high-speed access as well as wireless service. The availability of services may differ, depending on the location in which you live.

Step 2

Ensure that your system meets the requirements for Verizon Internet service. PC users will need, at minimum: Windows 98, a 233 megahertz processor, 64 megabytes of RAM, 100 megabytes of hard drive space, a CD or DVD drive and a USB port or a 10Base-T Ethernet Network Interface Card. Mac users will need at least the following: Mac OS-X 10.3, a 120 megahertz processor, 64 megabytes of RAM, 100 megabytes of free space on the system hard drive, a CD or DVD drive and a 10Base-T Ethernet Network Interface Card.

Step 3

Go to and enter your home phone number to see if Verizon provides Internet service in your area (see Resources below).

Step 4

Order the Verizon Internet service package of your choice. You can do this online or over the phone, with the assistance of a Verizon customer service representative, who will also be able to answer any questions you may have about how to sign up for Verizon email.

Step 5

Keep your eyes on your mail, watching for the Verizon software CD which will be sent to you when you order Verizon Internet service. This CD contains the email client which you will then install on your computer.

Step 6

Insert the CD into your computer's CD or DVD drive. If it doesn't automatically display its contents in a new window, you can access the CD files by manually opening the compact disc drive folder from your desktop or hard drive.

Step 7

Follow the easy installation instructions, which will appear as prompts when you open the software CD. The CD will contain both Verizon Internet software as well as the program files you need to set up your Verizon email account. Complete the signup process by activating and logging in to your new Verizon email address.

Tips & Warnings

  • Ask a Verizon customer service representative if any locked-rate Internet service plans are currently being offered.

References & Resources