How to Speed Up a Mac Mini

By Bennett Gavrish

The low end of Apple's computer lineup features the Mac Mini, a compact desktop computer that can be customized with any standard monitor, keyboard, mouse or other peripheral. But because the Mac Mini is the lowest-priced Apple computer, it comes with minimal amounts of RAM and processing speed, which means it can be noticeably slower than other Mac computers. This article explains several ways to speed up the performance of your Mac Mini.

Things You'll Need

  • RAM modules

Step 1

Upgrade the memory on your Mac Mini by purchasing additional sticks of DDR2 RAM modules. Then either install the new RAM yourself or bring your computer into any Apple Store for the upgrade.

Step 2

Delete unimportant files from your hard drive. Freeing up space on your hard drive can improve the speed and performance of your Mac Mini.

Step 3

Empty the trash of your Mac Mini. Large files in your trash can are still taking up room on your hard drive, and can affect your computer's speed.

Step 4

Go to the Activity Monitor in the "Utilities" folder and quit any unnecessary computer processes that are currently running.

Step 5

Repair your disk permissions with Disk Utility in the "Utilities" folder. Repairing permissions runs a complete check of your hard drive, and can fix problems that are slowing down your computer's performance.