How to Speed Up Attachments to Yahoo! Mail

By John Mitchell

You can do a few things to improve upload speed when attaching files in Yahoo! Mail. The email service lets you attach files as large as 100 megabytes, which is a substantial size. If your files are taking too long to upload, you can speed up the process, especially if a file is close to the service's maximum upload size.

Step 1

Check your Internet connection. A slow connection is one of the more common reasons that files take a long time to upload. If multiple people are using your local network, such as streaming video or downloading files on another computer, this can cause a major lag when uploading attachments to any service. Try to upload your attachments when you have less traffic on your private network.

Step 2

Upgrade to the latest version of Yahoo! Mail. The company continually tries to improve its email service by rolling out new versions periodically. To upgrade, log in to your account, click the "Options" menu at the top of the page and select "Upgrade to latest version of Yahoo! Mail." Upgrading can help increase attachment upload speeds.

Step 3

Compress the file or files into a smaller file. You can do this by zipping the file into an archive file format like ZIP or RAR. WinZip, WinRAR and 7Z are programs that let you zip or compress files. Once your files are zipped, you can upload them as attachments. The smaller file size will help decrease the upload time, speeding up the process.

Step 4

Close unnecessary programs and browser windows. This helps to ensure your computer's memory buffer is processing only one task or a minimal amount of tasks at one time. When handling multiple processes, older computers sometimes act abnormally, slowing down the load times on browser pages.

Step 5

Clear the browser's cache. Sometimes issues occur when the temporary Internet files folder gets too full. This can lead to slow load times in the browser.

Step 6

Restart or reboot the computer. Rebooting gives you a fresh start, resetting the Internet connection and memory buffer.