How to Speed Up Flash Games

By Andrea Griffith

Millions of people play games on their computers. With technology and graphics getting better, Flash games are becoming more complicated. If you are having difficulty playing your Flash games on your computer because the game is constantly starting and stopping, refreshing and rebuffering, there are a few things you can do. Memory, browser and Internet speed are all factors in the speed of your of your Flash games.

Step 1

Clear up memory space. By deleting and uninstalling some programs that you no longer use or need, you will clear up a lot of memory and RAM space needed for your Flash games to run smoothly. Click the "Start" button, then open the "Control Panel" from your Start menu. Click "Add/Remove Programs" from your Control Panel, then click the "Remove/Uninstall" button on the programs you want to delete.

Step 2

Download a browser with better Flash plug-in compatibility. Opera, Google Chrome and Mozilla are all compatible with Flash (see "Resources").

Step 3

Change your Internet connection. A slow Internet connection will slow down your Flash games dramatically. Switch to a broadband connection to ensure your Internet is fast enough for Flash games.