How to Speed Up Your Wireless

By Stephen Lilley

A wireless network is a computer network that is broadcast over-the-air in the form of a radio frequency as opposed to being transmitted via networking cables. Though a network that is transmitted via cables (also called a "wired" network) will be consistent in its speed, a wireless network can vary greatly due to the methods in which it is broadcast. Even something as simple as being physically too far away from the wireless router could slow down the network's speed dramatically. If you've paid for the extra equipment necessary to create a wireless network in your home, there are techniques you can perform (for free, no less) to make sure it is operating as fast as it can.

Step 1

Put a password on your wireless router. If your wireless network is being broadcast unprotected, anybody with a compatible wireless device is going to be able to connect to it. This will split up your bandwidth in more ways than necessary and ultimately slow down your connection. If you put a password on your router, only people whom you authorize will be able to gain access, which in turn will speed up your wireless connection.

Step 2

Move your wireless device closer to your wireless router. As with AM and FM radio waves, a signal that is broadcast loses more and more quality the farther it has to travel. Even if you're within the broadcasting range of your wireless router, the farther away you move the slower your wireless connection will ultimately be. By simply moving physically closer to the router you can dramatically speed up your wireless speed with each step you take.

Step 3

Move your router to a centralized location in the building where it is set up. If you don't want to move all of your wireless devices closer to your router every time you want to connect to your wireless network, move your wireless router to the center of your home or place of business. That will allow for more devices to have strong, fast connections to the network from a wider variety of places in the building.

Step 4

Check the manufacturer's websites for your wireless equipment and install the latest software drivers. Occasionally, manufacturers will release software driver updates for their products that improve performance quality and unlock new features. In the case of wireless equipment, these driver updates can improve the speed of your wireless network.