How to Spellcheck on Wordpad

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Missing a keystroke while typing often leads to spelling errors.

Computer word processors make typing documents relatively easy and convenient. Documents created on word processors typically are easier to read than hand-written documents. Many programs contain built-in spell checkers. Wordpad, which comes factory installed on many PC computers, does not have a built-in spellchecker. Despite this, you can still use it to create documents and use an alternative method to check spelling and grammar.


Step 1

Check the spelling of your Wordpad document manually using a dictionary. According to, manually spell checking a document often catches mistakes that a built-in spell checker would miss. For example, if you typed "I car," but meant to type "I care," a built-in spellchecker might miss it because "car" and "care" are spelled correctly. Look up the words yourself in a dictionary; go through the document line by line to catch any mistakes.


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Step 2

Use an Internet spell checker., for example, is a free website that performs spell checks. Highlight and copy the words in your Wordpad file and paste it into the spell checker's site text box. Click "Spell Check" to perform the check. Use this option after manually checking spelling to double-check your work.


Step 3

Copy the Wordpad text and paste it into a new document on a word processor that has a built-in spellchecker, such as MS Word.

Things You'll Need

  • Internet access

  • Dictionary

  • Word processor program with built-in spellchecker