How to Split a Signal From an HD Satellite Receiver to Multiple Televisions

By Jack Gorman

HD receivers can be expensive to buy and operate, with initial costs amounting to several hundred dollars and operating costs running on a per-month basis. Splitting the signal can save some money.

Things You'll Need

  • HDMI splitter
  • 3 HDMI wires (for two televisions; add one for each additional television)

Step 1

Insert one HDMI wire into the HDMI output port on the back of your HD satellite receiver. This will be a long, flat, rectangular port, and the wire will only fit in one way. Connect the opposite end of the wire into the input port on your splitter; this will be labeled as such.

Step 2

Connect two HDMI wires to the output ports on the HDMI splitter.

Step 3

Locate the HDMI inputs on the back of your televisions. Insert one HDMI wire into the back of each of these televisions.

Step 4

Set your television to receive a signal from the HDMI ports. You will need your television remote to do this. The button will be labeled something like "TV/Video" or "Source". Push this button until you reach the HDMI port. For more information, check your television's manual.