How to Start a Blog

By Techwalla Internet Editor

Today on the Internet, anyone can start a successful blog. All blog related tools have been simplified so that even the most inexperienced Internet users can learn what to do without much of a learning curve. Blogging can be a good way to meet people, share your thoughts or even make money.

Things You'll Need

  • Computer
  • Blogging software

Step 1

Decide on the subject of your blog. You can make it simply a personal blog that details particulars of your everyday life, or you can make a blog dedicated to a favorite hobby of yours. The sky is the limit in terms of blogging subjects.

Step 2

Pick a blogging software. There are numerous options, including Wordpress and Blogger. Select one that both fits your needs and is easy for you to use.

Step 3

Customize your blog to your liking. No matter which blogging software you picked, you have options and instructions to customize your blog. Adapt your blog to fit your subject matter.

Step 4

Write your initial blog post. Usually, you'll want to welcome the reader to your blog and explain its mission. You don't need to make it overly lengthy but giving general information is a good way to start off your venture.

Step 5

Update your blog on a set schedule. If you are able to get dedicated readers to your blog, you'll need to update your blog on a consistent basis. Set a schedule for yourself, and try to keep it.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you need ideas on what you can write about, try reading other blogs. Doing so can spark an idea for a blog topic of your own.
  • Make money from your blog by placing advertisements onto your blog.
  • Don't give out too much personal information on your blog. It's usually a good idea to have some sort of anonymity.