How to Start a Computer in Safe Mode With Vista

By Art Corvelay

Safe Mode is a a startup mode that can be accessed on Windows-based computers. This startup mode is used to troubleshoot problems because it allows the operating system to boot with only the bare-minimum drivers needed to run the operating system. Starting your Windows computer in Safe Mode is especially beneficial when you cannot load the Windows operating system at all.

Step 1

Remove any CDs, DVDs or floppy discs from your computer's disk drives.

Step 2

Restart your computer by clicking the "Start" button and then clicking the arrow next to the "Lock" button. Click "Restart."

Step 3

Press and hold the "F8" key on your keyboard as your computer restarts. Make sure you press "F8" before the Windows logo appears. If you computer has more than one Windows operating system installed, use the arrow keys on your keyboard to choose the operating system you want to start in Safe Mode.

Step 4

Highlight "Safe Mode" in the "Advanced Boot Options" screen.

Step 5

Enter a username and password for a user account that has administrator access. You computer will start in safe mode and you'll see the words "Safe Mode" in the corners of the screen. To exit Safe Mode, simply restart your computer and let the operating system load as you normally would.