How to Start a Skype Account

By Teronica Gaiter

If you love to talk to your friends and family through messaging and phone calls, then Skype may be your next best friend. Skype allows you to talk with other Skype users for free. With a Skype account, you will be able to perform video calls, SMS messaging and more. Skype also offers other landline calling by purchasing it.

Things You'll Need

  • Skype download

Step 1

Download the Skype software. This can be done by going to the Skype website. Click on the "Download Skype Now" button on the right of the page to begin the process.

Step 2

After the download process is complete, you will be prompted to create a user name and password. Make sure you come up with a name that fits you, and keep your password private.

Step 3

Check to make sure all of your sound, microphone and webcam are corresponding with Skype on the Skype welcome page. You will also have an opportunity to make a free test call to make sure everything is working properly.

Step 4

Search Skype for other Skype members by clicking on contact at the top of the and then click on "Search for Skype Users" to begin communicating with your friends and family.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you would like to make video calls, you will need a webcam.

References & Resources