How to Start a Sony Vaio Desktop in Safe Mode

By Kefa Olang

Safe Mode, in Windows operating systems, allows you to log on to Windows with a limited set of files and drivers. Safe Mode is useful for troubleshooting problems. Because start-up programs do not run in safe mode, it is an ideal way to remove viruses, Trojans and other malicious threats that threaten computer performance. Sony Vaio desktop computers come pre-installed with Windows XP or Vista, allowing you to use the Safe Mode for all your troubleshooting needs.

Step 1

Remove all CDs or DVDs from the ROM drives, if there are any.

Step 2

Restart your computer if it is on. If it is not on, turn it on and press the "F8" button repeatedly before the Windows Logo appears until you get to the "Windows Advanced Options Menu."

Step 3

Press the down arrow button on your keyboard and highlight "Safe Mode." Press "Enter."

Step 4

Type in your administrative password (if you have one) to log on to Windows Safe Mode.