How to Start an IBM Thinkpad T42 in Safe Mode

By Joanne Mendes

Starting an IBM Thinkpad T42 in safe mode allows you to troubleshoot technical issues that you otherwise couldn't. Often when a system has a virus or other type of malicious program, safe mode is the only way to locate and delete the problem. In safe mode, only the computer's essential programs are enabled, and only the files necessary to running the system are in use. Learn how to start an IBM Thinkpad T42 in safe mode using a few fairly easy steps.

Step 1

Close all programs and restart the IBM Thinkpad T42.

Step 2

Press "F8" repeatedly after the IBM logo appears, but before the operating system logo appears. If the "F8" key doesn't work, restart the computer and try pressing the "F11" key repeatedly.

Step 3

Press the "down arrow" key to select "Safe Mode."

Step 4

Press the "Enter" key. The computer will boot up in safe mode.