How to Stop Cell Phone Spying

By James Johnson

Due to the open nature of cell-phone communications, certain parts of your phone can act as an open hub to hackers and cell-phone trackers. By properly securing your phone's Bluetooth, GPS and IR ports, while also paying attention to the type of software used on your phone, you can help ensure your phone's privacy. While each cell phone will offer its own process for disabling certain services, the concepts remain the same.

How to Stop Cell-Phone Spying

Step 1

Turn off your phone's Bluetooth or place the Bluetooth out of "discoverable" mode. Typically these settings will be found in your phone's main "settings" menu.

Step 2

Turn off your phone's GPS receiver. Typically this option will be found under "phone settings" in a GPS section. It may vary according to the phone's operating system (OS).

Step 3

Turn off your IR port. Infrared isn't used on newer devices, but may be used on older cell phones. This port can be turned off in the settings section of your phone.

Step 4

Download only trusted software for your mobile phone's OS. We suggest downloading applications from your phone's applications store, which are approved for download only after thorough testing.

Step 5

Install a spyware-scanning application on your cell phone. Just like on your personal computer, the scanning application will examine your phone for spyware and help you remove any problem files. All major mobile OS app stores offer spyware software.

Step 6

Delete SMS, MMS and email messages that you have read and no longer need, to prevent cell-phone spies from prying into your personal information.

Step 7

Turn your phone off for short periods of time throughout the day. Many cell-phone spies latch onto your signal when they are in your vicinity, then track as your signal jumps from tower to tower. Turning off your phone causes the signal to be lost unless the spy is within your phone's tower range.

Step 8

Don't let your phone out of your sight. This ensures that no spying software can be installed directly to your phone.

Step 9

Watch for telltale signs that your phone has been hacked, which can include trouble turning your phone off, indicator lines and phone noises when the phone is not in use, and odd background noises and clicks when on phone calls.