How to Stop My Netflix Instant Queue From Freezing

By Richard Schupp

Netflix's Instant Watch feature allows a subscriber to log in to his account at and choose from a wide variety of shows, movies and specials that can be streamed instantly to a computer or to a Netflix-ready device. This service requires a broadband Internet connection. The Instant Queue is the feature that allows subscribers to save videos for later viewing. If this feature freezes or becomes slow, there are several ways to try to remedy the problem.

Step 1

Log out of your Netflix account and log back in to see if this fixes the problem. If you are streaming through a Netflix-ready device, try backing out of the Netflix application and then opening it again.

Step 2

Turn off your computer or Netflix-ready device and wait about 30 seconds. Turn everything back on and check to see if that fixes the freezing problems.

Step 3

Check to make sure that the Ethernet cables connecting to your computer or Netflix-ready device are securely connected. If you are streaming wirelessly, make sure the cable is connected securely from your modem to your wireless router.

Step 4

Reset your modem and router by unplugging the AC connection from the back of the devices and waiting 30 seconds. Then, plug the AC connection back into the modem and router and wait for the Internet connection to reestablish.

Step 5

Contact Netflix customer service if all else fails. The number is 866-716-0414.