How to Stop Norton Subscription Alerts

By Shelby Winchell

Norton/Symantec AntiVirus is software that protects your computer. Norton can monitor your computer for the latest viruses and worms that could wreak havoc on your system. This virus protection is designed to start working as soon as your computer turns on. According to Indiana University, it is always running in the background, checking all files vulnerable to possible attacks. Once an infected file is detected, Norton will notify you through a pop-up window and can help quarantine the virus or worm. Norton subscriptions typically last a year or two, depending on the subscription you purchased. When your subscription nears its expiration date, Norton will send you an alert asking you to renew. These alerts can appear frequently--but there is a way to stop them from appearing.

Things You'll Need

  • Norton/Symantec AntiVirus software

How to Stop Norton Subscription Alerts

Step 1

Find the Norton icon in the system tray, located in the bottom right hand corner of your monitor's screen. It should be near the clock and looks like a yellow computer mouse. When you point your mouse's cursor over it, it should identify itself as "Symantec AntiVirus."

Step 2

Right-click on the icon to open a list of options. Click "disable security alerts" or "disable updates."

Step 3

Click "OK" to stop subscription alerts from re-appearing.