How to Stop Pop-Ups on MSN

By Heather Topham Wood

If you use MSN, you have probably been annoyed by the large amount of pop-up advertisements that appear when you are either browsing the web or using the Messenger services. Although you can select to close these pop-up messages, you may feel trepidation to even click on the advertisement. You have several options open to you to get rid of these pop-ups and to continue working without interruption.

Step 1

Navigate to the "Control Panel." Find and click "Administrative Tools."

Step 2

Select "Services" and "Messenger" from their respective menus. Since Messenger often automatically launches, type "Disable" as the start-up option. Click "OK" and Messenger will no longer launch at start-up and start displaying MSN pop-up ads.

Step 3

Install a software program to stop pop-up ads on MSN. The website allows you to download a blocking software program that will prevent pop-ups on MSN and its Messenger service.

Step 4

Update your MSN Toolbar. The new MSN Toolbar includes the MSN Pop-Up Guard. The toolbar is available free through the MSN website. Once installed, you can adjust settings to restrict all pop-up ads from appearing while you are using MSN.

Step 5

Adjust the settings of your web browser. As another form of defense, you can block pop-up ads by going to the "Options" menu on your web browser. Under "Content," you can check the box that permits the browser to block pop-up ads. You can add any exceptions from particular websites at this time as well.