How to Stop Redirects in Safari

By Alex Zang

When you're using Safari to browse the Internet, you may run into a server that redirects you to a different Web page. The site owner usually sets up a redirect to send you to the right place; perhaps she's changed the address of the destination page. However, sometimes you may be redirected to a page you don't want to visit. While you can't change Safari's settings to stop all redirects, you can use a hot key combination to stop a redirect from happening.

Step 1

Launch Safari.

Step 2

Type in the URL of the website that is redirecting you.

Step 3

Press "." and "Ctrl" simultaneously, or "Command" and "." if you're using a Mac. This will immediately stop the redirect. As soon as this happens, you can release the keys -- essentially as soon as you've pressed them.

Tips & Warnings

  • These hot keys also work to stop any Web page from loading.